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A Radio Phone-In caller from Galashiels...............

During the mid 90's Radio Borders had DJ Ken Haines and his Country Music slot on the Friday nights which was very popular among many of the older generation in the Borders.  However the Radio Station decided they wanted to try something different and so conducted an experiment by hooking up with Carlisle based radio station CFM, and their legendary talk show host John Myers, who presented the Friday Night Phone In, where they basically invited the public to phone in and share their opinions live on the radio on any subject they wanted.

Unfortunately if you combine a radio host who does not suffer fools gladly and disgruntled Radio Border listeners who had lost their favourite DJ it is not a good combination!  The result was some rather unhappy people!  Bring on one of the first complainers Donald!..................


"Big" John Myers Name Donald
Carlisle, England Hometown Galashiels, Scotland
6ft 3 Height ?
20 Stones Weight ?
100 Verbal Arguments 100
100 Won 100
0 Lost 0

Please be aware if you are offended by high energy verbal arguments and/or the odd offensive word then this sound file is probably not for you!    

The Friday Night Phone In was very short lived in the Borders
and lasted about a month following this call

Many thanks to David for this.

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